NYFW Recap: Negris Lebrum Black Is Beautiful

In a recent post I mentioned that I was finally getting back into “the scene” and attending some live shows again for NYFW. There were definitely some turn of events this season that I think many people were not too happy about. One of which being that you had to be boosted or provide a negative COVID test to attend any shows at Spring Studios – a little fact that was not quite clearly stated leaving many of us basically rejected at the doors to shows that we had already received invitations to. Secondly, I am not sure if you are aware but over the years NYFW has been sponsored by luxury brands such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, and plenty of sponsored booths giving guests freebies and little experiences throughout the duration of the shows. This years sponsor was UPS and inside Spring Studios there wasn’t much to do other than literally going to see the show. I’d like to think that that was just a half ass COVID hiccup and that we can see a smoother ride and more of an experience for next season.

Another plot twist was that I caught a horrible cold, further missing out on some of the shows and events I had planned – don’t worry it was not COVID. Once upon a time, it was possible to be sick with something other than Corona virus. I get the severity of the pandemic in the last few years but sheesh we don’t always have to jump to the worst. Thankfully I am already feeling much better now and so grateful to have made it to the awesome shows I got to see.

Back to the good stuff – NYFW!

One show I did get to attend was Negris Lebrum, who is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary on the NYFW runway. What I love about this brand has always been its approachable style but with a flare of luxury. This season showcased a modern take on mensware inspired cuts constrasted with feminine silhouettes. There were some fun pops of color of teal and blue but of course Negris Lebrum highly showcased black – which as a die hard New Yorker, I personally LOVE. I have always found the brand to really embody a true NYC chic aesthetic and this year was no different.

Classic styles designs such as the pin stripe were remixed with the use of sequins and fur to create the stripe affect and giving the blazer dress a stylish twist with an asymetrical button closure. Definitely lots of great styles from the collection and all are very wearable. Another thing I appreciated about the show was the diversity of models included with different ages, colors and body types.

Following the show was a celebratory soiree currated with luxury wines from Framingham Wines, Mateus Rose USA and Silk and Spice wines as well as delicious cupcakes from Yolandas Sweets. It was overall a really lovely event

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