NYFW Recap: Sally Lapointe, Taoray Wang, Cynthia Rowley

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My last day of shows for New York Fashion Week.
As always, it was a hell of a ride this season but also such an amazing time filled with great collections. It can definitely be exhausting but in hindsight when the dust settles, I definitely miss the atmosphere, watching all the shows, and being around fellow fashion lovers. To this day it feels a little weird not waking up and heading over to Spring Studios. Till September, here is my final wrap up of the NYFW shows.

Sally LaPointe

One of my favorite shows this season!!! The shows style was especially unique. Pitch black, including a black tarp on the floors with light only shining on the one model walking down the runway. The models especially stood out as the collection was full of bright jewel almost neon tones, and styled monochromatically. There were also lots of amazing textural contrasts such as furs and satins and latex looking leather. The electro music also gave it a futuristic feeling. I loved everything about this show and collection.

Taoray Wang

This may have been NYFW but Taoray Wang really transported us to Paris in this show with the compilation of French music, the hairstyles, and of course the fashion. Taoray Wang is known for her soft tailoring which she of course provided for us but this time remixed with accents such as leather trimmed lapels and deep sleeve cut outs. I think that the oversized satin bows were also such a lovely feminine addition, and a way to add pops of color to the neutral color scheme. She also brought in unexpected studded belts as a way to contrast the typical pretty look for a more grungy affect. This collection was so classic and wearable and I really enjoyed everything I saw here.

Cynthia Rowley

Cynthia Rowley gave us such an amazing high energy show, full of surprises. In typical Cynthia fashion, nothing was boring nor ordinary. Models were disguised in the audience and shot up at any moment from their seats and onto the runway. The music was also lively and guests really got into it cheering on the models as they danced down the catwalk. The clothes were also beyond the basic. Lots of layering: light dresses over tuxedo t shirts, layers of prints, creative sweatshirts that turned into capes, and that lovely faux fur outerwear. There were some eye-catching colors of bright pinks and yellows but also plenty of black for the sexier and simpler looks. Such a fun experience filled with great fashion. This was my last show of NYFW, and a perfect way to close out the season.

With Ashley Haas aka the biggest cheerleader after the Cynthia Rowley show
freddy leiba at NYFW
Between shows with the LEGENDARY Freddie Leiba of Harpars Bazar.

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