NYFW Spotlight: Thale Blanc’s Debut Collection

This Fashion Week was definitely like no other. While I do miss NYFW in person shows, there were a few shows this season that really deserve some spotlight. With the debut of Virtual Fashion Week also came the debut collection of Thale Blanc Statements from couture handbag designer Deborah Sawaf.

The inspiration was the modern day woman who wears many hats: (business woman, mom, etc), all while epitomizing her version of the “L.A Look.” Touching on the basics but giving them a twist and a WOW factor. This collection is all about the details and it shows. Quilted panels, logo and verbiage taping, luxurious fabrics, and plays on proportion.

How can I say this plainly. This collection is FIRE! I found the pieces to be so unique, yet so wearable. It really is all in the details. To name a few, the layered chains and the simple but dazzling jeweled back closure just elevate the looks. There’s a little bit of everything in the collection. Fringe, animal print, pops of color, some great leather pieces, and even your little black dress look. I love how she was able to make even sporty looks seem so glamorous and all the looks have that essence of a “cool girl.” I think she also achieved some great contrast between masculine and feminine looks. The play on shapes and experimentation with the proportions, especially with the the skirts, are really special.

Overall a fantastic collection and I am so excited to see more from Thale Blanc in the future.

Almost the entire collection can be purchased NOW and is either available immediately or as a pre order with only a 5 week wait from order to delivery. To shop click here.

To see the virtual show click here.

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14 thoughts on “NYFW Spotlight: Thale Blanc’s Debut Collection

  1. Can you believe I forgot that this would’ve been normal NYFW if Covid hadn’t happened? Crazy to think of what’s changed in a year – or even just since spring! This collection is a dream. I’m obsessed with all the colors and cuts!

    1. It definitely is a surreal feeling! And to think no one knows when things will return to “normal.” At least fashion is still going strong – like this amazing collection.

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