Omis Croatia and White Water Rafting Experience

Omis is a gorgeous city not even an hour away from Split. The city lays below a canyon and is where the river and the sea meet. There is lot’s to explore that I didn’t even get to touch the surface on, but here are a couple things to check out that I definitely think are worth it.

The Mila Gojsalic statue is one of the main symbols of Omis. Mila had sacrificed herself to save the entire village from the Ottomans. A rough synopsis was that she pretended to be willing to lose her virginity to the Turkish king as a means to infiltrate their camps and blow them up. The history is fascinating and definitely something to look further into if you’re interested. At the statue, you have some of the most incredible views of the city and canyon of Omis.

The town of Omis is gorgeous. Old tight cobblestone streets with lots of restaurants and bars. There are even a couple really nice and popular rooftop bars.

White Water Rafting

For those adrenaline junkies, White water rafting and adventure sports in the Cetina are definitely a must. White water rafting is such a fun activity to do with a larger group of people. There are moments where you just peacefully paddle in the beautiful river and moments where it get’s a little rougher. I would say though, anyone can handle this, even those afraid of more “extreme” sports. I didn’t find it to be very dangerous or anything that brings your heart rate up TOO much. It is just a great bonding experience with friends, and gorgeous views along the way.

We did our excursion with NOA Rafting. Our guide was great and very professional, but also really fun as well. We stopped twice on the excursion, once to swim, and then at another spot where we could jump off these higher rocks. Be warned, the water is very, VERY cold. Our guide had a Go-Pro and snapped shots of us the whole time as well as a few short videos. There are also tons of other great excursions to choose from in the cetina. I’ve been canyoning before and it was also an amazing experience.

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