Photo Diary Of Neapoli Lakonia Greece

I granted have a huge soft spot for Neapoli as it is where I am from in Greece so for me it does hit a little different. But a similar running theme to the latest posts from Greece, Neapoli is a low key destination with tons of beauty and charm. There is of course the main promenade with lots of dining options and souvenir shops but also lots of alluring alleyways that are perfectly picturesque. With a very vast nautical history there is also a meusuem and many neighboring attractions such as the Caves of Kastania, the mideival city of Monemvasia and Elafonisos which is one of my favorite beaches in the world (more details of each of these in coming posts).

Visiting Neapoli is like coming home, and everyone will truly make you feel like family. Get losts in the streets, try some traditional food from a taverna likely family operated, or relax by the beach. I think my personal favorite part of spending time in Neapoli are the sunsets, which I find to be some of the more incredible I have ever seen.

Mone Mome Beach at the end of the strip in Neapoli
Typical Greek town hanging octopus
Relaxing at Stavento Bar – Highly recommend the fresh cheese pie and bougatsa from across the street
Souvlaki Sandiwch from Psistiri
Cute theme bars on the main strip
Eripio Bar has amazing cocktails
Eripio Bar has amazing cocktails
Octopus two ways at
Dinner at Gia 2
Always the most incredible sunsets
The beach below Gia Elea Hotel
Favorite brownie crepe dessert at Dodoni

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