Platamona By Day and Katerini By Night: Beaches and Clubs in Northern Greece

Platamona Beaches

Platamona is beachside city in northern Greece which took me by surprise with its beauty. I LOVED the vibe at Galleria Beach club. The aesthetics of the bar (which is all built inside an old train cart), the structure of a mock kastro, and the beach decor was all so beautiful. The water is also perfect for swimming. I really enjoyed my time here. Furthermore, Galleria turns into a bar/nightclub in the evening. Not into Galleria? There is a whole strip of other beach bars, each with it’s own unique vibe. Some are Navagio, and Varka. Just take a walk along the beach and lay wherever looks best to you!

Katerini Nightlife

Gold the Club

Gold the Club was also a great night out. The club itself is humongous and the interior is modern and posh. The grey goose sponser theme is not subtle and it is definitely one of those spots that goes all out with their effects. With a mixture of American and Greek music, it is good time for all.

Gold the Club – Katerini

Cantina Bar

Cute spot on the water with some great cocktails. The music changes depending on the night and there is a huge range of the types of crowds this bar brings in. Sorry for some reason there are no photos of it on the internet and I don’t even have any on my phone, but I swear… it exists!

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