Private Beach Resort for Families at Balica Rat, Omis

Balica Rat

Not even a 10 minuet ride from the city of Omis is Balica Rat. I don’t know how long the city is exactly, but it basically feels the span of one little cove. Roughly speaking, Balica Rat is more of a beach than an actual town. It is gorgeous and way more of a private area to swim in around Omis. Just FYI Omis is also beautiful, and one of the only beaches in Croatia that I have come across that has sand. But at Balica Rat you definitely won’t deal with crowds, many tourists, and of course a private beach means especially pristine waters.

The Pine Resort of Balica Rat has stairs (in the pines) leading from the resort down to your own personal beach area. They also have a swimming pool, fitness area, basketball court, ping pong table, and game section. Great food and service from the owners as well! These views are from the dining area where breakfast is served daily, and once a week a special dinner is prepared for guests. It is such a great getaway to relax, especially for families.

Pine Resort Website

Kod Mije

The only thing I dislike about Kod Mije is that there is no website or online menu to share with you guys. Otherwise…5 stars across the board. This meal was excellent in every way. The Oysters – my personal favorite – are some of the best and freshest I have ever had. We also ordered the fish pate, octopus salad, and shrimps in a white sauce. All delicious and I recommend every single one. Even the bread was perfection!

To finish we had palacinke (crepes) in this thick vanilla custard sauce with chocolate drizzle. This was so decedent and definitely worth pushing myself to the limit (stomach capacity wise).

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