Red Velvet Outfits For Valentines Day

Happy February everyone! Hope you all survived the first month of the new year and new decade. February is usually the month that people really get into the swing of things and there are always a lot of exciting things going on. International Fashion Weeks, awards season, and of course Valentines Day(aka my birthday). #AgeofAquarius

Valentines day definitely tends to be that day of the year where people are out to look their best. Whether you’re dressing up for that special someone, yourself, revenge pics (Insert Kermit thats none of my business meme), people are doing it up, and rightfully so. Velvet is just that texture that has sex appeal to it. It involves no thinking, no accessories and regardless of which cut, style, length you go for… it’s doing the job of making a statement. Black is obviously such a go to color – for this and really any trend – but the red changes it up and is perfect if you are really embracing the V-Day theme.

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