Spiritual Sedona: Sedona Vortices And Sedona New Day Spa

There’s definitely no denying that shit has hit the fan right now. Since the outbreak of the Corona virus and many being quarantined at home, it seems that this chaos and negativity is all anyone can focus on. While it definitely is a serious matter, the hysterical media and madness is not where I would personally like to devote my attention to. There are still so many positive things to be grateful for, and I would rather use this time for self-development and mindfulness, than focusing on that which I cannot change. Now enough of Corona, and back to more positive topics…


As you may have seen from my last post about the Grand Canyon, I was fortunate enough to take a trip to Arizona (At the end of January (pre Corona)). Sorry about the posting set backs but NYFW had me a little backed up. We stayed primarily in Sedona, a famous retreat spot, especially for spiritual enlightenment, and mind/body healing. Sedona is said to be a vortex– a place of powerful energy that can have tremendous impacts on people physically and mentally. The culture is definitely defined as that hippie, woo-woo, mystical, yogi, meditative and spiritual type. Whether or not you came for these more supernatural reasons, Red Rock Country is BEAUTIFUL. We knew during our incredibly scenic drive from the airport in Flagstaff that four days would just not be enough to truly discover and appreciate all of what Sedona, and Arizona in general, had to offer. The food in Sedona was incredible (separate post on the top spots to eat coming soon), the people were so friendly, and if I haven’t mentioned already it is absolutely stunning here. That said, I feel we barely scratched the surface. While I definitely want to visit again, keep reading for what we did get to see in Sedona.

Sedona Vortices

While the entire city of Sedona is said to be a vortex, there are four main points where the energy is said to be the strongest. These are: Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Boyton Canyon, and Bell Rock. We got to see Airport Mesa and Cathedral Rock during this visit. While it’s hard to explain the experience exactly, and I wouldn’t describe it as something particularly mystical. However I CAN say that visiting these sites surely made an impact on me. What I did feel, was just pure gratuity. You realize how beautiful everything is around you and how blessed you are to have such an experience. With everything going on in the world, you come to appreciate life as is, and that there is lot’s of good things to embrace despite what is bad. So in this way I could definitely attest to the cleansing feelings of it all. Don’t buy into any of it? The views alone make these vortices 100% worth it and I highly recommend checking them out!

Airport Mesa

Airport Mesa is perfect for beginners. The hike might be a little uphill at times, but nothing too strenuous or dangerous. If you really want you can even take a drive most of the way up. It was recommended that we visit during sunset and I am so glad we did. It was such a surreal experience to witness these views, espeically at sundown. Since we had a bit of a late start, we had to rush our hike to get it done, and it was a little cold once the sun went away if you planned to hang around, meditate etc. Nonetheless, it was definitely worth it.

Cathedral Rock

Visiting Cathedral Rock is a full days experience in and of itself. The beginning of the trail is more friendly to beginners, while towards the end there is more physical climbing involved. You may want to look into going with a guide or some one who has experience hiking this type of terrain. There are many parts in which you’ll need to be pulling yourself up by your hands and knees, and I wouldn’t recommend it to those really afraid of heights. However I made it a good portion of the way alone and saw little kids climbing up with their families also, so it is definitely do-able. No matter how far you make it up, the views are magnificent the whole way and I wouldn’t skip on it.

Sedona New Day Spa

As a place of retreat, Sedona is known for their spas so we couldn’t leave without having a treatment done. I was really looking for an experience unique to the area and Sedona New Day Spa provided tons of options along these lines. I decided on the Turquoise Sage Mountain Arnica body treatment. It includes:

Turquoise Sage Mountain Arnica

Desert Moon Deep Healing Massage
The Pure essence of complete well-being and relaxation. Through the healing properties of arnica, this treatment brings relief to muscle and joint tension and stimulates total body circulation.

  • Relax with a purifying gentle total body exfoliation to promote smooth, healthy, and radiant skin; stimulate the lymphatic system; and support the immune system.
  • Experience a rejuvenating, customized full body massage with a unique blend of Turquoise Sage Arnica body butter and oils; offering relief from inflammation, muscular aches and pains; and promoting relaxation.
  • Revitalize in a soft cocoon wrap, to optimize absorption and benefits from the therapeutic oils to restore skin to its maximal state of health and hydration.
  • While resting in the body wrap, receive a purifying facial compress and a renewing facial massage with 5 Seeds Regenerative Facial Serum.

Our overall experience at the Sedona New Day Spa was amazing. The staff was SO friendly and helpful. We absolutely loved our treatment. It is exactly what we were looking for — relaxing, cleansing, and an experience that was unique and we will always connect with Sedona. Before and after our treatment we were also able to enjoy the spa’s hot tub and lounge area to relax with complimentary cake and mimosas. Overall a perfect day.
For more info on the Sedona New Day Spa check out their website here.

Shop The Look

It was definitely chilly in January but you tend to warm up during the hikes. A fleece kept me at the perfect temperature. Also, no surprise, but I highly recommend wearing a backpack to carry your things during the hike or any other physical activities. There are plenty of cute ones to add a twist to your outfit. I linked a couple below. πŸ˜‰

Hope you all stay sane and safe during these crazy times! Let me know how you’ve been keeping busy and any content you’d like to see in the future.

For this weeks post about my day at the Grand Canyon click here.

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    1. Thank you so much DianaπŸ’œπŸ’œ I highly highly recommend the trip. Definitely reinforces positive perspective too

  1. This pictures are SO GORGEOUS! I was planning on visiting the Grand Canyon for spring break, but we had to cancel our trip because of coronavirus πŸ™ Hopefully I will get to see this beautiful place soon! Also, that’s so fun that you got to have the spa experience as well!


    1. Thank you so much!! ❀️ I really hope you do as soon as you can. This trip is SO worth it!! And of course the spa was awesome 😍

  2. Glad you finally have the time to post about your trip – and it’s great that you’re not allowing for the coronavirus to dampen your spirit. πŸ™‚ I wish to visit here when all this pandemic is over. Such a stunning view!

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