Split Croatia Photo Tour and Some Dining Options

Wrapping up my Croatia travel diary for this year with what I consider to be my second home, Split. Split is the second largest city in Croatia and it has a little bit of everything. It is a gorgeous port city with lots of bars and restaurants on the water, some beautiful beaches, a great central location, shopping centers, and nightlife. Every year of my life has been spent here and I have become quite familiar with it, although admittedly I don’t really see it like a tourist any more (if ever). Here are snaps of some of the moments I spent there this summer.

Riva Split

The Split Riviera is a beautiful walk where you’ll find tons of gorgeous and gram worthy bars and restaurants. There are also lots of cute shops for souveniers, crepes, popcorn, balloons for the kids and that sort of thing. A little inward from the Riva is Diocletians Palace (made for Roman emperor Diocletian), which is definitely a MUST SEE when visiting Split. It is gorgeous structure with so much history and also now has beautiful artisinal shopping vendors in the basement and places to enjoy live music, food, and drinks.

On one end of the Riva is also the ferry and bus stations should you want to further explore Croatia, this is likely where you will be leaving from (if using public transportation).


This square has beautiful architecture, some history, and often a location for local cultural events. There are restaurants (some host live music) and views of the Riva, as the square is open on one side.

There is lots of shopping to do in the center of Split as well as a mall(Mall of Split) and mini mall(Joker) not too far away.


Recently opened pizza hotspot Basta is definitely worth a try. The Neopolitan pizza has become a hit for local and tourists alike. Definitely no complaints as the decor is beautiful and right on the water, and the food was delicious. I ordered a Capriccosa/ Mjesana in Croatian (which is my go to in general when visiting Croatia). For that particular kind of pizza, I would order it elsewhere only because I know how it should taste like, and the Neopolitan style pizza gives it a different twist – one in which I would say don’t fix what isn’t broken. BUT the crust is light thin and chewy in a good way, so for ANY other style of pizza like ones with prosciutto etc, it will be a home run.

Basta Website

Olive Tree Split

Olive Tree is one of the gorgeous bar/restaurants on the riva with beautiful decor, great drinks, and I haven’t personally tried the food but the menu looks AMAZING. Looks and smells great too. You really can’t go wrong with whichever bar you choose to stop at. I’ve been to most over the years and none have disappointed.

Olive Tree Website

Topli Sendvic/ Piletina Sendvic

Not as appealing to the eye as they taste but trying these fast food sandwiches are mandatory when visiting Split. It is one of my favorite foods in general in Croatia. Topli is a ham and cheese with your choice of toppings and Piletina is a chicken sandwich your choice of toppings. Try both sandwiches, add all the toppings. For Toplis, one of my favorites is in an area called Split3 a little outside of the center, from a place called IN, and for Chicken Sandwich I love Popaj, close to the Bazar/bus station area as you start exiting Split. Try their spicy chicken one too!

Fast food IN. & Fast Food Popaj

Capitano Pub

Across the street from the Joker mini mall is Capitano pub. Really cute decor, great ambiance, and some delicious and gram worthy cocktails. Like seriously this conch cocktail is as much of an experiences as it is a good drink. When you think simple things like a Moscow mule and gin tonic are all created equal, these will turn out to be the best ones you ever had. It is hard to explain but trust me these are some quality cocktails.

Outfit/Makeup Details

Tragedy strikes people. Because this dress is pretty ancient in my wardrobe and futuristic space theme prints are out of style currently (apparently). As I tried to scour the internet for similar suggestions, there was close to nothing that was actually similar.

However, I am unexpectedly obsessing over this makeup! I was just playing around, threw on the green for shits and giggles, and turned out loving the end result. Let me know if you want to see a tutorial or have me recreate it with more detail. I used the Morphe 39A Dare to Create Palette, which I believe is now unavailable. Below are some teal shadows you can get a similar effect with when pairing with any neutral browns you already have in your collection. Also linked the rest of the makeup used to create the look.

For more about beaches in Split, or nearby visit my recent post here.


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    1. Thank you so much!❤️🥰 Yes, It is so worth the trip especially in the summer time! Hopefully by next year.

  1. Croatia is on my list of places to visit and after reading this it’s moved to the top! It looked stunning as did you and the food looks delicious.

  2. I love this post!! YOu must come link it up in my Friday linkup party please- so sure others would enjoy reading it too:)
    I was in Croatia last year when my daughter completed in figure skating Junio Worlds- and I LOVED it. But I have never been to Split. I always hear from my Italian relatives how beautiful it is – but never imagined it this hip and chic! I must go back one day and visit this stunning Riviera. Wonderful post! Have a great rest of the weekend xx

    1. Thank you so much Lucy! Would love to, please send over more information.
      Where did you visit in Croatia. It is a beautiful country in general but Split is definitely one of my favorites (maybe biased). I definitely recommend you go back and see! Hope you have an amazing week also!💜💜

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