Spring Travel: Old San Juan Puerto Rico

Ok Spring Breakers. It is that time of year for many for that quick mid year break before a summer vacation trip. A great “local” ish option is Puerto Rico. It is a real getaway that is still considered domestic. It has a familiarity to it like a Miami or still being within the US, however it really does feel like more of an experience that you’re actually on vacation and somewhere a little more exotic.

Puerto Rico is such a great overall destination. It has beach, culture, and nightlife. There is tons to do in the San Juan area where most tourists stay, as well as plenty of excursions and day trips to take all over the island without anything being too far. Stay tuned for more posts coming about my excursions to other areas of the island. Starting from the top…

Old San Juan

Walking through Old San Juan is beautiful, my only regret is that I had a mere few hours to cover it all. There are so many beautiful cobble stoned streets lined with colorful houses and amazing photo opportunities.

Castillo de San Cristobal

There are a few magnificent castles and to visit on your trip to Puerto Rico ( walking distance from each other as well). Unfortunately we only got to see one from the outside in our express tour of Old San Juan. However as you can see even from a short time, it is a beautiful sight to see with amazing views.

Viejo –

Viejo is the oldest district of San Juan with buildings and homes that are 300-400 years old.

La Casa Mas Estrecha El Viejo

This narrow home is only 5 ft wide.

By night there are beautiful alleyways with different themes such as the twinkling lights or is certain seasons it is covered with beautiful multi colored umbrellas.


La Factoria

La Factoria has multiple rooms with different music styles. They also have live music and salsa nights – I believe on Sundays and Mondays. This is definitely a hotspot and some rooms are more spacious than others. They also have exceptional cocktails that are really artisanal with every room has their own specialty cocktail menu as well.

La Barrachina

The original Pina collada, which may have been the best one I have every had. It is definitely worth coming for and worth the long wait. La Barrachina gets packed out so if you want to eat here or get a table you will most definitiely want to make a reservation or come early.

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