Summer In Greece 2021: Unknown Gem Mytikas

Even more under the radar than Kalamos (click here for more) is Mytika, a small town on mainland Greece with so much beauty and charm. Mytika is one of those places that definitely hits the reset button for you. It is quaint but has everything you need from nice beaches, cute tavernas and cafes, and a warm welcoming ambience that definitely screams more authentic Greece live like the locals experience, than the hustle and bustle tourist traps and islands that most people often visit. It is definitely what many people would consider a vacation – no itineraries or pressures to see and do things. Just a place to enjoy at your leisure and live life in it’s natural simplicity.

Mytikas Beach

A really nice beach conveniently located near the town of Mytika. Although it can get pretty crowded, there is lots of space and also a small cafe for beverages as well. A second option to swim not too far away is Paliourias Beach bar. This one has a fresh water current that keeps the water a lot icier and more refreshing than many of your other options in Greece as a whole. The beach area is a smaller than Mytika beach but there is more space at the beach bar serving a small food menu and cocktails as well. The beach bar also has that nice loungy music and fun boho style decor with picturesque printed hammocks and couches.

Paliourias Beach Bar

Mytikas Limani

A small but adorable port area. There are also boats you can catch to take you to Lefkada and Kalamos. You wont regret taking some time to enjoy the scenery for a walk along the water here.

Food and Drink

Cafe Kymata and Akrogiali


The Mytikas “center” is not usually what we think of, as an enclosed area with cafe and restaurant options. Instead it is a long strip in between the waterfront and residential area that gets blocked off for pedestrians and the tables are off to the side.

There are lots of cafe options such as Kymata and Akrogiali which have seating right on the water with beautiful views. For a little more of a hip crowd and ambience, try LAB espresso bar, also serving brunch items like eggs benedict, pancakes, and a dinner menu.


This is by far the best Ekmek I have ever had. Creamy but with a little texture from the nuts and oh so delicious. You can tell how fresh and homemade it is. Not to mention that it is the perfect ambience for a summer night with the tables sitting right on the pebbles of the beach.


Ostrella and Mezedopoleion Agora are both excellent dinner options with taverna style food. Both times I ordered a mixed grill that was delicious, and you can really can never go wrong with as there is something for everyone. They also serve great appetizers at both locations such as various salads, greek spreads, cheeses etc.

Μεζεδοπωλείον Αγορα

O Faros

Grilled Swordfish

O Faros is a little more of a unique experience and definitely worth checking out in Mytika. There are just a few tables available along the edge of the lighthouse. There are no menus and what is available changes daily as per what is caught fresh and made that day. The menu is small but very well executed with various typical Greek appetizers and the catch of the day fish. Photograhed above is the grilled swordfish which was simply cooked but clearly fresh and definitely delicious.

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