Summer In Greece: Gytheio

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If you ask me, the Peloponeese is the most forgotten part of Greece and in my opinion the best Greece has to offer. I mean I am from here so not biased or anything. Gytheio is a fishing village on the Mani Penninsula. It is definitely a more quaint and low key place to visit but nonetheless beautiful and peaceful. There is a lovely promenade with different tavernas and shops to kind of just leisurely walk along. It is also right near Mavrovouni Beach which is a popular breeding spot for the Carreta Carreta sea turles in the summer. It is also a convenient location to visit other amazing nearby destinations such as Monemvasia, Aereopoli, and Kalamata.

How to get there

In order to reach Gythio from Athens, you need to take the KTEL bus with direction to Sparti For further information about timetables and itineraries you can check

Bonus: Agios Nikolaos

For the real small Greek village experience, Agios Nikolaos will welcome you with open arms.

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