Thanksgiving Outfit Idea+ Plantation & Bayou NOLA

This allover brown lace dress gave me such Thanksgiving and fall vibes when I wore it. I felt like a little country classy southern belle. This deep chocolate espresso brown color is definitely one I gravitate to during the fall and I think it has resurrected a lot this year. Not only is it great for the season but it is really flattering on all skin tones, especially when I am paler during the fall and winter months. I definitely hope to see more of it as we transition into winter. The allover lace of this dress makes it super feminine and a piece that can be dressed up for those of you who celebrate more extravagantly, although this year #covid. Still nothing wrong with dressing in something that puts you in the holiday spirit and has you feeling great.

I added this belt to accentuate my figure a little more and also make it more casual. The black booties were really styled with it because I only packed a weekend bag and needed a versatile shoe. I would probably go with a more monochrome look and wear a brown heel but hey, it didnt come out bad and definitely do whatever you think is best. Depending on the length of your dress you can also opt for a longer knee length boot or even a pump if you’re really dressing up. As always, similar shopping suggestions are at the bottom.

Destrehan Plantation

Another worthwhile excursion when you visit NOLA is to get out of the city and to visit a plantation. As I have mentioned throughout my NOLA blog posts, there is so much history and culture to be discovered in New Orleans. Especially now when the black lives matter movement has brought back many issues stemming from slavery, visiting a plantation definitely gives you insight into slavery during the time the plantation was operating. I learned so much about the slaves working here, the owners of the plantation, and of course wandering around the beautiful house and its grounds. Clearly a great location for some photoshoots.

For more info on the Destrehan Plantation click here.


Another great trip outside the city of New Orleans is taking a little cruise on the bayou. Our guide was a real born and bred “swamp native.” Not only was he hilarious but he gave us tons of great insight on the area, the bayou and it’s wildlife, and also a perspective of a real Louisiana native. We obviously saw tons of alligators (and got to pet one on the boat), as well as lot’s of other animals, and beautiful views along the way.

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Have you guys planned out your Thanksgiving looks/what will you be wearing?
Any one that has visited New Orleans ever checked what’s out the city?

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