The Island In Croatia You Probably Haven’t Heard Of But Need To Visit

When people think of Croatia during the summer, they think of the big hot spots. Split, Zubrovnik, Hvar, Brac etc. I’m willing to bet that Palmizana was not on your radar…But it should be.
While in Brac we took a day excursion which included a two hour visit to Hvar, lunch on the boat, and two hours to explore Palmizana. Hvar as many of you have probably heard about, is absolutely stunning and you’ll hear more about that experience from me next week. I almost opted out of the two hours in Palmizana to make the most of Hvar, but as it was my third time there, I decided to see something new and check out the hype about Palmizana. I have heard great things about Laganini Beach Bar from Croatian locals every year, and either way in two hours your just getting a taste of the island anyway. How bad could it be…

I fell in love! The geography of Palmizana is definitely unique. Instead of one long beach it’s just a bunch of tiny little beaches within coves, that are kind of capitalized by one main beach bar (at least from what I could tell in my short time there). When we got dropped off at what I suppose is the main port, we had to walk through this cactus, palm tree like forest. It was really photogenic and beautiful, which definitely distracted from the fact that there is a bit of a walk to any actual beach.

Most of the guests on the excursion just went straight to the first beach cove. I believe it was called Totos. It has a little sandy area, some nice lounge music, and a beach bar. BUT as some what of a “Croatian local” I knew all about Laganini, which is loved by tourists and Croatian natives alike. During the walk we passed a few other swimming and beach bar options, but I had my heart set on that one. Little did I know that it was the last little cove area on the path, so it doubled our walking time and cut into our two hours on the island.

In my opinion, it was completely WORTH IT. I loved Laganini. It’s one of my favorite beach bars/beach clubs in Croatia. It definitely has that bougie aesthetic but it is really chill too. There are lot’s of bean bag chairs and little tiki hut cabanas – be warned these tables have a high price tag (I believe a 200-300 euro spending tab). Most people come in on little private boats instead of walking through that path I arrived on. Lots of patrons even stay on their boat and just park up to swim in the gorgeous water and for the environment.

I wouldn’t recommend this for families or kids, as there really is not any kind of beach area. It is a bar and all that comes with it – bottle service, some dancing etc. You kind of just jump in the water off the pier and there are ladders to get in and out of the water as well. I love the tribal house/ lounge music and it was overall just a vibeeee. Laganini loosely translated in Croatian means nice and easy. I couldn’t have named this bar better myself.

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