The Little Black (Bell Sleeve) Dress

I told you I could turn black dresses into a series. I think anyone can, that is how timeless they are. I wore this one to a charity gala and love the puffy bell sleeve detail. Milania Trump made that trend super popular a few years ago and I think it is time to bring it back! It is such a simple touch that makes a plain black dress a little more special. It becomes the perfect combination of pretty, sexy, and sophisticated.

Some little extra touches to add…
While you can style this trend anyway you want, for this event I added a red lip and some pearl accessories. I think it adds such a classic and elegant element. For shoes, you really can spice up a black dress with any color and style. Metallics are a little different than your classic black, but don’t draw too much attention away from the dress and everything else going on.

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