Tour of Tuscany: Luxury Travel In Castelfalfi

If you are a fan of luxury travel, Castelfalfi is one destination that can not be skipped. Castelfalfi is committed to eco friendly and sustainable tourism. In a city with more than 800 years of history, this relaxed and peaceful environment is the perfect retreat to enjoy the culture and beautiful landscapes. The philosophy in the city of Castelfalfi is to respect the nature that surrounds it.

The Borgo At Castelfalfi

Castelfalfi is primarily comprised of three key areas. One is the Borgo which is where many of the “locals” and town house type homes are. It is a quaint area with a few shops, a restaurant, a church, and one of the homes that belonged to the Medici family. It provides all the necessities to live a beautiful and simple life, and is a great place to disappear and relax.

One thing that is absolutely unbeatable about Tuscany, but especially about Castelfalfi, are the magnificent sunsets. It is completely unexplainable, and something that has to be witnessed with your own eyes. It feels so surreal and truly no two sunsets are the same. I think experiencing the simple moments like these were some of my favorite moments of the entire trip to Italy.

Within Castelfalfi there is also the five star luxury resort and the largest golf course in Tuscany. As mentioned above, both the resort and the golf course pay particular attention to detail in providing a luxury experience that is conscious of the environment. Some of their projects include their the eco friendly irrigation system via collection of the rain water, using more recyclable materials in place of plastic, and supporting local suppliers and local raw materials. All of the agriculture production in the area including the wines and olive oil are all organic as well.

Aside from the wonderful ethos, The Castelfalfi Resort itself was also exceptional. The main hotel stands the historic tobacco warehouse developed in the early 1900s. There is an element of history combined with modern luxury. The views are spectacular on every inch of the grounds. Although I didn’t get a chance to try the services, the spa area seems beautiful, the pools are large and lovely, and the restaurants were excellent as well. Another huge factor that sets this resort apart is the amazing service and warm welcoming staff. Each person we encountered in Castelfalfi was extremely diligent and friendly in creating a wonderful experience.


Ecru is the chic and trendy lounge bar of the hotel. It doesn’t have the widest selection on the menu and I would say leans towards more pleasing tourists, but the atmosphere is really great and the views of the valley while you dine are amazing as well.

Il Rosemarino

What feels like the more traditional and casual Tuscan option, the food at Rosemarino was absolutely delicious. Of course, pizza in Italy is a must but I also highly recommend the tagliatelle with wild boar ragout. Wild boar is a specialty in the Tuscan region and this pasta dish was incredible.

La Petegola

This was one of the restaurants of the borgo, and really the only restaurant other than La Rocca that was outside of the resort. I absolutely loved my meal that evening. We had a trio of bruschettas, one classic, one was an olive tapenade and one was an artichoke spread. As an entree I had pasta of course. This one was very unique with a buratta and squash cream sauce, and topped with pistachios.

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