Tour of Tuscany: Pontedera & Fattoria Santa Lucia

A little more of an industrial location, Pontedera, built along the Era and Arno Rivers, was once essential in bridging the regions of Florence and Pisa. The town is known for its civic sculptures with public art projects scattered all throughout the city. More notably the town is also the home of the Vespa, and the Piaggio Museum is dedicated to showcasing the motor scooter throughout its history. Of course like many of the other Tuscan cities mentioned, it is a beautiful location to wander the streets, stopping at a restaurant or cafes all around. Although just outside of Pontedera is a restaurant you won’t want to miss. Keep reading for more info.

Fattoria Santa Lucia

On the outskirts of Pontedera is Fattoria Santa Lucia (Fattoria meaning farm). This was certainly one of the more unique and not to be missed experiences I had. As you can see the decor is very eclectic and trendy. You feel like you are dining in a hip Williamsburg restaurant rather than the middle of the countryside in Italy. The appetizer selection is from an enormous buffet, and for entrees we dipped into two rounds of pasta, a pesto version as well as a tomato ragout sauce. The food was delicious and the service was exceptional. In fact, the servers here are so eager to give you the best and most authentic experience, if you are willing to hand over the reigns (I always am in this area), they are surely not to disappoint and will give you their top recommendations or specials of the day.

Fattoria Santa Lucia is also much more than a restaurant. It is a boutique style hotel with beautiful apartments available to rent and produce so many products on the farm such as their large wine selection.

If you read Italian, here is the website. Otherwise, all you really need to know is an address.
Società Agricola Fattoria Santa Lucia s.s.
Via di San Gervasio 4,  56036  Pontedera  (PI) – Italy

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