Tour Through Tuscany: Florence

One cannot come to Tuscany and not visit Florence. It is far from underrated but rightfully so. Florence has such beautiful architecture, amazing culture, history, and museums. There is so much to do here you could spend well over a day touring the city and all the attractions within it. This is my second time visiting Florence and I still haven’t seen it all. My last trip here I visited and climbed up to the top of the Duomo of Florence and Piazza del Duomo. I highly recommend it for the views and experience as well. It is definitely a can’t miss and the signature of the Florence area.

Here are some of the other spots to check out as well that I visited this year:

The Ponte Vecchio is the only bridge in Florence that surived WWII and is filled with tons of shops along the bridge.

Venchi Firenze

Some of the best ice cream that I had in Italy.

Piazza della Repubblica

I definitely recommend checking out the shops, especially the leather goods. Check out my last post here to see the cross body bag I picked up and styling inspiration.

Palazzo Vecchio

The town hall of Florence.

Uffizi Gallery

One of the most important museums in Italy and even one of the most popular in the world, the Uffizi houses many of the famous pieces of art especially during the Italian Renaissance period. Some include the Birth of Venus and many works by Leonardo Di Vinci and Rafael. Another major museum is the Galleria dell’Accademia where you can find Michelangelo’s sculpture of David.

Fondazione Franco Zefferelli
Equestrian statue of Cosimo I

The statue of Cosimo the I combined with the Fountain of Neptune celebrate the land and sea ambitions of Cosimo I de Medici, the Duke of Florence who later became the first grand Duke of Tuscany.

Fountain of Neptune

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  1. Lovely pictures! You look pretty in all the pictures with stunning sites of Florence at the background. With so many attractions, it’s tough to resist the temptation of visiting Florence.

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