Tour Through Tuscany: Undiscovered Gem Montione

When you visit Tuscany appreciating the scenery truly never gets old. A few short years ago, Architectural Digest wrote about Montaione as being the can’t miss destination of Tuscany, claiming that Castelfafi (check out my last post about it here) is unspoiled in comparison to the surrounding tourist traps cities like Florence and Pisa. They also claimed it as being a wonderful base to visit the bigger cities such as Volterra, or to escape for the day to vineyards in the Chianti region, for its wonderful location that puts you conveniently close to them all. Montione is also surrounded by its own beautiful countryside and is perfect to rent a bike or to explore via horse back riding. Nearby is also the main base of the Italian Horse Protection Association, an animal sanctuary in the Filicaja parish of Montaione.

As with almost everywhere in Tuscany, the vistas were incredible.

Church of Saint Regulus

Also close by on the outskirts of Montaione in Tuscanys Jerusulem equaivalent, is the San Vivaldo Monastery which is one of Italys most scared religious monuments. The blessed Vivaldo chose this site as the selected area where he would live his life of fasting and penance.

The area specializes in leather goods, and there are great markets in the city offering their fresh local products such as saffron, olives, wines, cheeses, and white truffles.

Lots of fresh and local products in the piazza markets

They have wonderful festivals throughout the year such as the festival of truffles in October, and the festival of home cooking cakes (once at the end of May and once at the end of September) where locals would make homemade traditional cakes and sell them to tourists. Don’t quote me of whether this will be available this year due to COVID, but it still sounds like an amazing experience to take advantage of if you’re around during this time period.

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