Tour Through Tuscany: Walk The Walls Of Lucca

Another gorgeous medieval city I got to visit on this tour through Tuscany. While of course everyone knows about hotspots like Florence and Pisa, there are so many beautiful gems that are completely undiscovered by tourists. I hope you have been enjoying the recent posts about all of the amazing Tuscan cities. If you haven’t already checked them out I will leave links down below. To continue the tour, I would love to suggest Lucca, another wonderful destination to wander and discover.

When the city of Lucca was modernized, the 16th century walls that surround and once defended the city were maintained and are now one of the top tourist attractions. Walking along the walls is something that truly differentiates this city’s experience from the others. It is four kilometers surrounded by parks and trees. You can walk or bike the perimeter of the entire city with panoramic views, historic passageways, and sites to discover as well as the Lucca Botanical Park. As you can see, along the way there are so many amazing views and photo opportunities.

Walking the walls is how I chose to spend my short but sweet time in Lucca but there is so much to see within the city as well. Also known as the city of 100 churches, some of the other main attractions in Lucca are the Piazza of San Michele, the Church of San Michele in Foro, the Basilica of San Frediano as well as the Clock Tower and Guinigi Tower. It is also recommended to visit Piazza dell’ Anfiteatro which is what remains of the former Roman Ampitheater.

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