Tour Through Umbria: Brunello Cucinelli’s Solomeo

A place with a story as beautiful as it is. Off the beaten path is a town one would never plan to visit, but has so much beauty and charm once you come across it. Fashion designer Brunello Cucinelli restored his birthplace, the town of Solomeo with the intention to preserve it’s identity and instill a system of humanistic capitalism. This idea involves providing ethical work opportunities and environments, good wages, and a high standard of living to all those living there. He also created The Project for Beauty to create a park to match the beautiful landscape in the valley below Solomeo, embodying the values of beauty, humanity, and truth.

You can roughly walk through this city in 10 minutes. It is tiny, but so gorgeous. Truthfully, if feels like the store itself takes up majority of the town. If I may add that the boutique store he created is absolutely immaculate and this seasons designs were absolutely stunning. Every nook and cranny of this town is so beautiful and meticulously thought out. It is truly the haven Brunello Cucinelli envisioned.

Allegedly, the history of Solomeo dates back to the 12th century where people took abandoned land and built homes on the top of the hill where the air was purer. Cucinelli restored the old worn monuments and places of the town.

Church of Saint Bartolomeo

Having been to the beautiful Solomeo, I decided to investigate more about Brunello Cucinelli, and I was absolutely floored with my discoveries. What an incredible human being with values so touching and inspiring. I definitely recommend you checking out more about him and Solomeo on his website.

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Brunello Cucinelli Website

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