Transition Into Spring Fashion: Puff Sleeve Linen Romper Trend

March 20th marks the first day of Spring! The weather has already started getting warmer and with all the progress given the COVID situation, I think many of us will start getting back out there again in the coming months. Which means, FINALLY embracing fashion more again and wearing all those clothes we aimlessly and shamelessly bought during the lockdown!

I have missed getting dressed up and playing around with my outfits. One trend I have had my eye on even throughout COVID was the shoulder pad and puff sleeve trend. Thankfully it is still around so I can finally enjoy all the pieces I picked up, this linen romper being one of them. I think that a romper such as this has so much versatility to it because of the lightweight fabric that can be worn in warmer months, but that can also be styled for this cooler transitional period into Spring as well.

I styled this look with tall black boots and this wool floppy hat. It gave me some vineyard vibes and I think made the look more transition weather appropriate by giving balance to the linen fabric. I also wore a leather jacket which gave it some more edge and was great for the chilly weather. Not to reach too far ahead but I also think this is a great look for Fall as well.

As for the warmer Spring/Summer days, it is just as easy to pair this look with an open toe shoe, flip flops, and even sneakers. If you want to stick with the hat look you can swap it out for a more lightweight hat, like a straw floppy one or you can ditch it all together. This romper is not just seasonless but also so easy to dress up or down.

Sherwood House Vineyards

So along with Spring fashion, and Spring weather, it also marks the start of some wine time for me (although I never really stopped even during the winter). As you may have seen throughout the blog, I love spending days at the vineyards. It is a great little retreat getting out on Long Island and especially during COVID has been the surest reason I have to get a little dressed up. I recently tried out a new winery called Sherwood House Vineyards in Jamesport. I loved the ambience and found it to be beautiful and cozy even during the pre-Spring colder weather.

The ambience was really beautiful. I loved the unique and rustic decor, the inviting fireplace, and I’m super into the cow hide trend, so bonus points for that little touch. While I didn’t get to explore the outdoor grounds much, I loved the interior and found it to be super picturesque. I also heard that it was connected to an art gallery so that is definitely something to note, and I’ll be sure to check it out in the future.

If your curious, we tried the Estate Brut Rose (2019) and absolutely loved it. It was such a perfectly balanced and crisp sparkling wine that satisfied everyone, even with some of us having polar opposite preferences.

So what are some of the trends you are excited to see this Spring? What are some of the activities you plan on checking out?

Sherwood House Vineyards

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34 thoughts on “Transition Into Spring Fashion: Puff Sleeve Linen Romper Trend

  1. Oh wow, Angelica, what a fabulous outfit! I love the puff sleeve romper and it is so sassy paired with those amazing boots! I have a few rompers that I had never considered styling this way, but now I think I need to! And how fun to chill at some LI vineyards. I have not gone anywhere this past year and I am yearning for it big time right now!


    1. Thank you so much Shelbee! ❤️❤️❤️
      I hope you get a chance to make it out soon! xo

    1. Thanks so much Ashley!! Hope you had an amazing weekend and a great week ahead! Happy Spring💖💖

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