Travel Style: My Classic Airport Look

Amsterdam travel style

So update: I am in Europe. Croatia and Greece are my second homes so that is where you’ll find me. Definitely stay tuned for more content, updates and travel guides and tips but for now let’s talk about some travel updates and how I prepare.

In all fairness this year was a toughie and a lot had been going on before leaving for the trip. I am kind of blacked out when it comes to the packing process but one thing that is for sure is that my travel style almost always remains the same. Some kind of cute workout or lounge set and always always sneakers (I watched Lost, OK). Usually I throw in a hat as well. Of course for long flights, or any flight that matter, comfort is key. But I also like to look cute too… for impromptu pictures.

I have had a couple long layovers and never actually look the opportunity to venture out and explore. This year my layover was in Amsterdam and with the city being only a 15 minute train ride, I decided why not. I had about 8 hours between flights and arrived early in the morning with almost nothing open anyways. It was a short but sweet little adventure and all I really did was walked around and sat for a coffee. From what I saw Amsterdam is really a beautiful city, with a couple little dirty spots here and there but for a first impression it did leave me wanting to come back to explore more.

And so it begins…

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