Valentines Day Outfit Inspo: Satin and Velvet Trend Updated

Valentines Day date night might end up a little different, but the outfit themes generally remain the same. Textures! You know, the ones that feel as nice as they look. As with last year (and likely every year for the end of time) these are trends that are always V-Day appropriate. A velvet look or a slinky slip outfit definitely will catch the attention of your significant other. The rest can be kept simple. A one trap sandal shoe, a plain boot or bootie, or barefoot if you’re going to be home. They are also trends that transcend seasonally. Your velvets can be recycled for a girls night out throughout the winter, and your satin pieces are great year round and can be dressed up or down – I’ll link my older posts about the Satin skirts that carried me through all my fall days this year, and will likely resurrect in the spring too.


So what are you guys doing this year for Valentines Day? Is date night going to be out or a quiet night in?

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For the slip skirt styling ideas click here and here.

11 thoughts on “Valentines Day Outfit Inspo: Satin and Velvet Trend Updated

  1. Nice outfit choices! I went out to dinner with my bf. what did you do, do you have a bf? You def have the outfits for date night!
    xo, Jenna

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