Walking Tour Of Charleston City

Charleston really is the perfect city for a Spring getaway. It is beautiful and quaint, and you can definitely cover the city in a short amount of time. I actually came kind of off season but I can only imagine how this city blooms during the Spring time. Here are some of the things we did on our visit.

You will notice this is hardly a step by step itinerary and my best advice is to just get walking. Everything is relatively close to one another and there is tons of hidden gems you can discover along the way. My only advice is to carve the appropriate time out for your museum excursions as things do tend to close early in the city.

Rainbow Row

rainbow row
Rainbow row

This strip is nothing short of iconic in the Charleston area. If you didn’t capture a pic for Instagram on this strip of colorful homes, did you even visit Charleston. It really is just that, a couple of pretty houses all painted in different colors but it’s definitely worth the trip. It is also close to the Battery and White Points gardens, a promenade along the seawall with more beautiful antebellum houses and views of Charleston Harbor and Fort Sumpter.

King Street

Just go for a walk…

There is a lot to discover and some great shopping. Also for shopping I deifinitely recommend checking out the Old City Market filled with tons of open air vendors. They are pricey but I was very intrigued with the sweetgrass baskets, created still using the techniques and patterns that originated in West Africa – the perfect souvenir.

Retro Movie Theaters Are Clearly A Thing

Pineapple Fountain
Pineapple Fountain

Another one of those Instagram famous locations. The pineapple fountain is a cute spot in Waterfront Park, just a relaxing area to enjoy the scenery and views of Charleston Harbor.

Get lost and take photos in one of the beautiful alleyways

alleways charleston

Alleyways are really not what you think of when visiting Charletson. They are more like beautiful secret gardens off the beaten path and perfect for mini photoshoots.

charleston selfie

Provost Dungeons And Old Exchange

broad street charleston

There is so much amazing history in Charleston. We got to tour the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeons where pirates and patriots were once imprisoned. It is one of the three most historic Colonial Public Buildings in the US. You get taken on a guided tour of the provost and learn so many amazing facts, and then there is also a self guided museum-like area with even more historical information.

Another great attraction which we didn’t get to see but were interested in visiting is the Old Slave Mart where slaves were auctioned prior to the civil war as well as the Charleston Museum known as Americas first museum,

old exchange and provost

Beautiful Coffee Shops

cute coffee shop photo

Kind of a random tidbit but we stopped for coffee at La Patisserie in Hotel Bennet. It was just a really cute coffee shop location. The pastries look like artwork although I think that this turnover could have used a bit more filling. The coffee was delicious though!

Broad Street

a day in charleston

The street itself is historic, but it is also where many of the other attractions like The Provost Dungeon, Exchange, and Slave Mart are located.

broad street charleston

Blind Tiger

blind tiger charleston

I wouldn’t call Charleston much of a place for nightlife but that doesn’t mean things don’t get rowdy. Black Tiger is seemingly a dive bar with live music but almost like a speakeasy into a huge garden terrace space with bars, fire pits, and a huge (kind of drunk) crowd. Overall if you’re looking for something to do at night, Black Tiger is the place to be and even one of the most recommended by locals.

blind tiger night out charleston
American theater from The Notebook
Some scenes from the Notebook were shot at the American theater

Short Video Recap

Also if you are not following me on Instagram, you should! Lot’s of great video reels, photos, and the more day to day ins and out type photos from Charleston and beyond.

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