Five Favorites of 2022

Favorites of 2022

Happy new year everyone!

I am so thrilled to start the year fresh with the re-launch of my brand new website. There is definitely a lot more new-ness from me on the way and I think this is a year for exciting opportunities, big changes, and amazing new experiences. I hope that 2023 will be a “Jordan year” for us all.

As a running tradition for the first post of the year I wanted to share some of my favorite things from 2022 across a variety of categories.

Patrick Ta Glossy Lip Plumping Glosses

My favorite makeup look is a smokey eye and a glossy lip. From buying these just for science and to test them out for a battle of the glosses post, I absolutely fell in love with these formulas. They are so high shine and glass like and they all feel really comfortable on the lips. Once you try them there is no going back and I think these are products that are now essential in my makeup collection. Check out my full review on them here.

Another Pair of Shoes – Zanotti

vogue forces of fashion party
Vogue forces of fashion party

So in last years round up, one of my favorite new clothing finds were my Sarah Flint pumps and the Sarah Flint brand as a whole (if you didn’t know I am an ambassador for the brand – more on that here). But this Giuseppe pair took the win this year as far as favorite item in my closet. These shoes just make me feel like a million bucks every time I wear them. They are just so glamorous and make your feet look so good. They also go with tons of outfits. I find them to be hands down worth the splurge.

Restaurant/Place: Peak

I must have amnesia because I don’t know HOW I do not have a dedicated post about this. I visited Peak for my birthday in February and it was the most amazing dining experience I think I have ever had. It has amazing views, food, vibes. I love everything about it from A-Z. Stay tuned because like I said, this spot needs to have a moment of its own on the blog.

Show – Peaky Blinders & Manifest

Other than Tommy Shelby literally being my obsession over the course of the year, I do really love the show. Some say Peaky Blinders can be a little tough to get into because of the accents and the low broody tone they talk in, but once you break through a couple episodes it’s just fantastic. It has a little bit of everything (action, comedy, romance, suspense), and I love a good plot twist. I love the show Manifest for similar reasons. It was a newer discovery and I am not one to binge watch but this one really does hook you and gets you from episode one. I highly recommend them both.

Book – CEO Excellence

This was an interesting pick in my opinion since on so many levels it really does target major corporate styles of running a business and management, so you would think it would be harder to relate to. Wrong. I felt like a complete idea machine while reading this book. At least for me, my mind would take one concept and then completely come up with 10 different ways to apply some kind of version of the principle in my own business. I had a note in my phone of all the things that would come up.

Travel Moment- Sunsets In neapoli

Neapoli was my grandfathers hometown in Greece and it was his favorite place in the world. Now that he has passed, being here makes me feel so close to him, especially during sunsets which are by far the most incredible that I have ever seen. No two are the same and each is so beautiful and special. I still look back on those moments and it just kind of hits different. They were some of the most special moments to me in 2022.

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