Holiday Travel To Denver: How To Spend A Day In Denver

larimer square denver

Denver not only makes a great girls trip getaway, but it makes for a perfect holiday travel destination. Travel even just for a day trip to the Rocky Mountains and you’ll surely feel that mountainous winter wonderland vibe. Colorado is generally on the top of the list for winter activities like skiing, ice fishing, snow mobile tours etc.

Another reason that Denver specifically is great for your holiday trip is how adorably they decorate for Christmas. Larimer Square is definitely a must visit location when exploring Denver, located close to downtown with tons of restaurants, cafes, and shops to wander through. The twinkling lights add such a quaint small town feeling, but at night this area definitely turns into a bustling and lively zone. One of the speakeasys I mentioned in my last post about Denver is also located here.

larimer square denver
Larimer Square Denver
theater district denver
Theater District Denver

In Downtown Denver there is also the theater district which is very cool and modern. There are lots of amazing art and immersive experiences, which if you have time to experience a show or a tour of an exhibit I highly recommend doing. Since we were pressed for time, we unfortunately didn’t get to make it, especially when tickets are often required in advance. So I definitely recommend doing your homework ahead of time to see the availability.

Little Man Ice Cream In - Highlands Denver
Little Man Ice Cream In – Highlands Denver

Highly recommended by tourists, locals, and of course me, Little Man Ice Cream is definitely an adorable location to visit. It is shaped like an old fashioned dairy and the ice cream is also exceptionally delicious. The flavors rotate out often, but no matter what you choose I am sure you won’t be disappointed. I tried four flavors and loved them all.

Little Man Ice Cream

Walking from Downtown Denver to the Highlands you will come across a few parks and walk across a few bridges. It had a very European vibe in that way and especially reminded me of Copenhagen for some reason with the many canals and districts being separated by the bridges. There were parts that were a little industrial but definitely many scenic moments as well.

As mentioned in the other post, Denver has a huge art scene and coming across beautiful instagram-worthy murals is something you will encounter often.

International Church Of Cannabis

church of cannabis denver
Church Of Cannabis Game Room

This experience was definitely more than meets the eye. It was fun and perfect for a family friendly activity as well. You first enter and get to hang out in a time capsule of a room with so many cool retro arcade games to play with and adorable areas to take pictures. The next part of the experience is the laser light show and “meditation” which was a really cool experience as well. This was definitely a fun and unique activity.

church of cannabis denver
International Church Of Cannabis
union station denver
Union Station

I wouldn’t say Denver has many must see landmarks, but surprisingly Union Station is one of them. There is a lot of history behind it and how it has evolved over the years so it’s worth checking out. There is also a lot to do in the area with a massive food court close by and Larimer Square just a few blocks away.


Keep in mind, these were taken a little earlier in the season and Colorado and Denver do get cold. The styles were cute so I did wan’t to share some similar options, but just maybe bring an extra jacket or layering piece.😉

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