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If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I had a wonderful experience in Kythira. The island is beautiful in it’s own right with a beautiful city and great food options, but let’s get real. Most people really want to know how the beaches were. Here are the lineups of beaches and where I stayed during my visit to Kythira.

Kythira Golden Resort

We stayed at the Kythira Golden Resort almost walking distance but also a very short drive away from the port in Diakofti. A family owned and operated business who were so lovely and welcoming. The rooms were nice and the property and dining area were definitely inviting and accommodating. The pool is nice although especially to wind down after a long day or to have your coffee poolside in the morning. Be warned that there were definitely a good amount of bees lingering about the water, so if you are allergic or fearful, this is your warning.


After touring the island we came to find that one of our favorite beaches was already in our front yard. Although Diakofti is the port of Kythira it has the most incredible pristine and clear waters. It is definitely low key and relaxed and great for families. It also has a picturesque abandoned ship. If you end up staying at the Kythira Golden Resort, this beach is walking distance from the hotel.


Avlemonas is one of the most popular beaches in Kythira and rightfully so. It is an absolutely stunning cove with water of shades of blue and green. It doesn’t have a direct beach area and is more of a rocky layout so if youre looking for easier access for your kids this may not be the go to but I find it to be unique and just simply gorgeous. Surrounding the beach are also a few taverna and cafe options with views of the water.

Kapsali & Hydra Caves

Kapsali was the sandy and more-so kid and family friendly of all the options. The water starts off very shallow so also great for young ones. This beach is also surrounded by a ton of dining and bar options which is beautiful into the night. We tried out Alatarea owned by chopped champion and New Yorker Nicholas Polumentis and were not disappointed. Check out some of our experience here.

From Kapsali I HIGHLY recommend you take the excursion with Spiros boat. Not only is he HILARIOUS (yes the capital letters are necessary in both circumstances here), but the trip itself is absolutely worth it. You get to visit the caves of Hytra with water so incredible and neon, as well as within the caves you have these glass like little lakes which make for an incredible and unique experience.

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