Photo Tour: Sightseeing in Ikaria


Gorgeous scenery surrounded by little cobble houses in the cliffs, cute caffes, and beautiful waters.


The second port city in Ikaria, Evdilos is another beautiful and cozy area of Ikaria.

Profiti Ilia

A tiny church on the top of the hill where you will find the most magical views of Ikaria. A perfect spot to watch the sunset.

Theoktistis Monastery and Chapel of Theoskepasti

The Chapel of Theoskepasti is a remarkable space created inside a cave and covered with a rock. Decorated with icons inside, this is one of the most unique and spiritual monasteries I have seen.

Chapel of Theoskepasti
Theoktistis Monastery

The Only Cork Tree in Greece



The food at Perix was amazing. Just under Profiti Ilia, there are so many delicious and unique dishes to try. We tried this flatbread with stewed meat on top, meatballs with a feta sauce, and the green salad with sundried tomatoes and shaved cheese which was a hit with everyone on the table.

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