The Scottish Highlands Experience

The Scottish Highlands might be home to the most exquisite views I have EVER seen. EVER. Five colored mountains, rolling rivers and hills. There really is nothing like it.

We took a tour leaving from Edinburgh and had a full day of activities. Starting with a 10 am tour of the Deanston Distillery and whisky tasting (delicious by the way), followed by a Loch Ness river cruise, time for a quick walk around the town of Fort Augustus, and some extra time in the quaint town of Pitlochry where you can grab some Whisky ice cream(also delicious). Do NOT fall asleep on the bus because it might be the most beautiful ride you ever take.

An educational (and tasty) experience. Throughout the bus ride to the Glencoe highlands our guide shared so many stories, some historical and some for entertainment. A nice compliment to the amazing views you’ll be seeing.

Glencoe Highlands
We found Nessie at Loch Ness!

Loch Ness itself has its own interesting history and might I add that our tour guide for the Loch Ness cruise was hilarious providing commentary throughout the ride.

Pitlochry was a cute small town. You can definitely make the most of your rest time here. The line for the whisky ice cream may be long, but you will want to wait on it. SO GOOD.

Scottland is also known for their Gin. DEFINITELY add to your list of things to try!

Our last meal in Scotland was at Greyfriars because we could not leave the country without trying the famous Hagis, Neeps and Tatties. Thank god we did, what a delicious meal. Don’t ask what’s in it – just eat it. Trust me. The Balmoral Chicken and Scottish Salmon were also great mains and if you have room for dessert the Cranachan is a light and satisfying option.

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I will definitely say that the downside to the highlands, and Scotland in general, is the weather. Most of the time its gloomy and raining. I guess you could say I really got into the theme wearing these plaid slacks and basic ribbed off the shoulder top, for a cute monochromatic look. Waterproof jackets and boots also reccomended.

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