Unique Daytime Activities In Tulum Mexico

Between school breaks, summer vacation approaching, festival season, wedding season and bachelor/bachelorette parties, people are definitely not shy to travel anymore. Thankfully COVID really does seem to be a part of the past, and although, yes, we should all stay cautious, I really love to see the tourism industry picking up again and people becoming more adventurous in their travels.

I recently went to celebrate a bachelorette party in Tulum and, as mentioned in the last post, it is definitely a fantastic destination for a girls trip, and specifically a bachelorette destination. It really is such a unique location, unlike many of the other countries and places I have visited. Unlike other Carribean destinations, this one was far from one of those just plop-on-a-beach or resort and just soak-up-the-sun kind of trip. In fact this area of Mexico is filled with such unique experiences that are fun, beautiful, and filled with so much history, and culture. I was only there for three days and I really mean it when I say I didn’t even scratch the surface of things to explore while I was there.

Here are some of the things I recommend checking out when visiting Tulum

Visit A Cenote

Grand Cenote
Grand Cenote

cenote is a natural pit, or sinkhole, filled with groundwater or rain water. In a nut shell it is a pool, or well, but with much more historical and scientific points of interest involved. To summarize a few key points, it was a water source for the ancient Mayans and has given much insight into their culture and is the source of where many artifacts were found. There have also been discoveries relating to dinosaurs and different species of animals. The more you look into the discoveries and history tied to it, the more intriguing spending the day in the Cenote becomes. Swimming in them is refreshing, the surroundings are beautiful, and I particularly love it for the sheer fact of it being a completely unique experience.

Grand Cenote

The Grand Cenote was definitely a little more accessible. There were no jumps, there were very shallow areas that you could stand in and also there were multiple little swimming areas as well, although some were a little more congested than others. It was also such a fun unique experience as these cenote have really large caves to swim through. Be warned, there were a lot of bats, but I thought that kind of made it more I guess you could say “authentic” and added to the basis of its appeal to me. It was really something special to swim through the cave and then end up in another little lagoon area, while also feeling surrounded by jungle. You really can’t describe it with words.

Cenote Calavera
Cenote Calavera
I thought of removing this guy or cropping the photo, but then I realized that was all the fun!

Cenote Calavera was one of the more typical versions that you would expect. Meaning the only way to access the water is to jump, which again, may turn off some people, however I thought it added an adventure aspect and made just swimming in a little pool more of a fun and unique experience. There was also a little swing inside the cenote as well.

Cenote Calavera

Cenote Calavera also has a little cantina stand with some beverages and snacks. With the lounge chairs surrounding it, it is a fun way to spend the day.

A Visit To Kaan Luum Lagoon

Kaan Luum Lagoon is another experience out of the ordinary sightseeing. We had a fantastic time spending the day here. You first walk through a very lush jungle till arriving at the lagoon, which is filled with different shades of blues and greens and a pretty warm temperature since it is so shallow. In fact it really isn’t swimming depth for the average adult at all but is great just to take a dip in and cool down.

There really is no beach- like area to kind of lounge out other than the piers, which I also think give a beautiful aesthetic to the lagoon. There are also hammocks and swings to hang out in inside the water, which I think also gives a very cool Instagram-like aesthetic and makes it even more unique.

Pool Party At Taboo Day Club

I would say that Tulum is definitely known for their party scene, thus making it a really great bachelorette destination. The pool party at Taboo was insane. Things got rowdy really fast but it was an overall really fun experience. I love the trendy vibe and decor, the music was great, and the views of the beach are beautiful, although I did not actually swim.

Stay tuned for my next post featuring more on my trip to Tulum.

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