48 Hours In Miami: Sexy Fish Review

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With everyone headed to Miami for Spring Break and Miami Music week, I decided to beat the rush and go a little earlier. I was really there for basically two days but I made sure to spend my time well. If you want some ideas on how to spend 48 hours in Miami keep reading.


I would say that South Beath and Ocean Drive is definitely yesterdays news, unless your like really looking to be a tourist with a capital T. These days people gravitate (and many moved during the pandemic) to Brickell which is definitely more upscale with lots of shopping and dining options. One being Sexy Fish, which I decided to check out for lunch.

Sexy Fish

Sexy Fish is known to be a vibe and even turns into somewhat of a supper club on some nights. However what many people don’t know is that it is also a great spot for lunch with a fantastic deal including three courses from a large menu of options (of course smaller portions), a detox shot to start, and a dessert for $29.

Here is what I ordered:

Mentaiko & Ikura noodles

These noodles are definitely worth trying. The flavor combination is so unique it is very hard to pinpoint but there is a bit of smokiness, pops of bright flavor, and overall it is pretty creamy texturally. It is definitely unlike anything I have ever had before but I loved it.


Chirashi Don

More or less this was simply a poke bowl, but it was a very fresh and delicious one at that.

Steamed sea bass, coriander & chilli

This had to be my favorite option of the three. The fish was perfectly moist and cooked to perfection and the sauce was divine and added a wonderful tang and overall flavor. I also liked the little textural element added to the fish.

caramel chocolate bar

Even if you opt out of the prix fixe option, DO NOT skip dessert. The caramel chocolate bar is incredible. This chocolately mouse with a bit of caramel and nougat is such a tasty and sophisticated dessert. It is not overly sweet and I can even get a hint of sea salt note running through it. It comes together in complete perfection, especially along with the sorbet and chocolate crumbles to break up the richness and add even more texture.

Sexy Fish Website

Design District

The design district is just very me. With all luxury stores and trendy restaurants I definitely feel walking around here that it is the hip place to be. Notable spots most people know about would be the Baccarat Restaurant or the Dior cafe – both which I will definitely make a point to stop by on my next trip.

Key Biscane

Since one day was more exploring and dressing up, just kept the second day a little more simple and relaxing lounging on the beach in Key Biscane.

I am admittedly a touch unimpressed with Miami beaches (generally). However the beach at Key Biscane was just amazing. Granted we got lucky with a perfect day weather-wise and the ocean was as blue as the sky. No seaweed or waves, I actually felt like I was in Europe. I also really like how it is not as crowded as other beaches because the area in general brings in an older and more sophisticated crowd, I find. It is definitely not the typical touristy area.

On the beach there is also a Ritz Carlton where we stopped by for a delicious cocktail and guacamole, which both really hit the spot.

Shop Similar Styles

When I think Miami I think colorful fashion and I love the unique shade of fuschia and the detailing of the top. I can also walk a million miles in wedges and think the lace up factor makes it very versatile in styling and completes my more tropical vibe.

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