Where To Eat In Zakynthos Island Greece

Zakynthos is more than just it’s beautiful beaches and wild nightlife. The town of Zakynthos is also definitely worth the visit and is filled with it’s own kind of action. As you walk through the streets there are of course plenty of spots to stumble across for food, bars, of even just a nice walk along the port. Some other attractions include Agios Dionysios (the church of Dionysios), a walk to Solomos Square, and the Byzantine museum.


After by Mary

If you want a delicious crepe the size of your head, check out After by Mary. They have so many sweet and savory options to choose from. I had the nutella, banana, and biscotti version.

To Pirounaki

To Pirounaki was such a wonderful and unique dining experience surrounded by trees and nature just popping up all over with the tables scattered throughout. There are no menus here food comes family style by what is made fresh that day and in massive amounts. You definitely feel like you are dining at one of your Greek family members homes. The food tastes so fresh, authentic and absolutely delicious.

Some of what we had tried were roasted eggplant in tomato sauce, meatballs, mousaka, fried cheese, roasted mushrooms, dips, mini pizzas and so much more. Following that was also a giant mixed meat grill and dessert of a traditional Zakynthian dessert of Frigania which I highly recommend you trying out in general on the island. It has cinnamon, almonds, whipped cream, vanilla cream and is doused in syrup. So good!


Akrotiri similarly to To Pirounaki has a very natural and authentic feel to it and the food was also incredibly delicious. A unique aspect about it is that the appetizer selection comes to your table in its entirety and you choose on the spot which you would like for the table. One thing I especially loved was that our waitress was incredibly knowledgable about the food and described and recommended her suggestions eloquently. None of the food disappointed. We had a ton of the appetizers ,as you can see, and as an entree I had the melt in your mouth lamb and potatoes.


Lithies is another organic farm to table restaurant with homey rustic decor similar to what I have mentioned with To Pirounaki and Akrotiri. The food rundown was also absolutely excpetional. Some newer additions to the appetizer line up was this grilled cheese which was made on the premises, similar to a halloumi but different, and glazed with marmalade, as well as the pumpkin pie (savory style). As an entree we had of course the rabbit (a classic dish in Zakynthos) and the goat. Both were so tasty.

Hope you have been enjoying these recommendations so far, and there is still more to come! If you missed any posts I have them all linked.

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